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  Russian title Phonetic statement Translation
1 многая лета Mnogaja ljeta A life in prosperity and peace, health and security and prosperity in all the good things God gives
2 Сулико Soeliko I wander through the forest looking for your grave. Where are you, my dear Soeliko?
3 Дух Твой Благий Doech tvoj blagiej Let Your good Spirit lead me on the right path.
4 Ах ты Ноченька Ach, ti notsjenka Ah, sweet little night, Ah, you dark little night, Who will I spend the time with.
5 Благослови душе моя Господа Blagoslowie doesje moja gospoda Praise my soul, the Lord. How wonderful are Your works, O Lord.
6 Заветный камень Zawetniej kamjen The country cannot be seen in the hazy distance. The ships have disapeared.
7 Когда мы были на войне Kakda miej bielie na vojnje When we were at war. There was every thought of your loved one or your wife.
9 Что так скучно, что так грустно Sjto tak  skoetsjno,
sjto tak kroestno
That's so boring, that's so sad.
10 Свете тихий  Swetje tiechiej O joyful light of the heavenly glory of the Immortal Heavenly Father, and of the blessed Holy Jesus Christ.
11 Великая ектения Velikaya Yekteniya Great litany (prayer to call on God to beg grace)
12 тебе поём Tebje pajom We sing to you.
We praise you.
We thank you, Lord.
We pray to you, our God.
13 Отче наш  Otsje nasj Our Father who is in heaven
14 Любо, братцы, любо  Ljoeba bratsi ljoeba It is wonderful to live, dear brothers, and to be with our ataman
15 Двенадцать Разбойников Dwenadtsat razbojnikov 12 robbers once lived there. One of them was the robber chief Kudejar. The robbers shed a lot of blood from devout Christians.
16 Соловьи Salawie Nightingales, nightingales
Do not disturb the soldiers. Let the soldiers sleep for a while.
17 Да исправится молитва моя Da iesprawietsa molietwa moja Let my prayer rise like incense for You My raised hands as an evening offering.
18 Солдатушки браво ребятушки  Soldatoesjkie bravo rebjatoesjkie Soldiers, good boys
19 Выхожу один я на дорогу Wiechazjoe adien ja na darogoe I go alone on the road. It glistens on the narrow path through the fog. The night is silent. The desert hears God.
20 Прощание славянки Prosjanieje Slavjankie Goodbye homeland, remember us. Goodbye family forgive us.

Goodbye homeland, remember us. Goodbye Family and friends, not all of us are coming back.
21 Непроходимая врата Njeprochodiemaja wrata Impassable gates
22 Пейте, братцы, попейте Petje bratsie papejtje Drink, my friends, a drink, but don't pour it on the floor
23 Солнце Скрылось за горою Sontse skrielasj za garojoe The sun is hiding behind the hill
24 Конь Konj I go out with my horse. In the dark night I walk gently through the field. Me and my horse, we go through the field together.
25a Приидите поклонимся Prieiedietje, pokloniemsja Save Lord, Your people and bless Your inheritance. Grant victory over her enemies and protect your church through your cross.
26 Місяць на небі Miesjats na nebie The moon is in the sky. The stars are shining. A boat is sailing quietly at sea
27 Чарка на посошок  Tsjarka na pasasjok Ah, Slavic life is full of encounters and goodbyes. After many glasses, oblivion and eventually ... repentance.
28 Казаки в Берлине                          Kazakie v-Berlienje Cossacks to Berlin
29 Накинув плащ Nakienoev plasjtsj I will not wake you up at your window with my guitar and song, I will not disturb your dreams, beauty.
30 Тихая Ночь Tiechaja notsj Silent night, wonderful night Everything slumbers in respect of the holy couple.
31 Ой при лужку Kak prie loezjkoe Look, through the pasture, the wide field, a well-known herd horse walks in the wild
32 Коль славен Kolj Slavjen How Holy is our God in Zion that the Word cannot describe it.
33 Наша жизнь коротка Nasja zjieznj karotka Pour the glasses fuller Let our family ties grow closer and closer
34 Эй ухнем Eej oegnem A song about the men who used to drag the barges through the Volga due to wind and weather and icy cold.
35 Иже херувимы тайно Iezje cheroewiemie tajno The angels sing: “We put aside all earthly concerns and sing hallelujah”.
36 Обломилась доска  Ablamielas doska A Cossack on leave was on his way home, He was walking through the woods, on his way home, A broken plank, toppled the Cossack. He fell into the cold water.
37 С вином мы родились Swienom mie rodieliesj We were born with wine
With wine we die,
We are buried with wine by a drunken priest.
38 Липа вековая Liepa wekawaja The age-old lime roars over the river. The audacious song resounds in the distance.
39 Вдоль по улице метелица метёт Vdolj pa oelietse metjelietsa metjot Let me enjoy the splendor of a snowstorm on the street
40 Эх, дороги Ech, darogie On the roads there is dust and fog, it is cold, the bullets whistle
41 Вечер на рейде Wetsjer na reedje The evening before the attack: Goodbye, beloved city, we leave for the sea tomorrow.
42 Отче наш Otsje Nasj Our Father who is in heaven
43 Во царствии твоем   Vo tsarstvie Twojem Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
44 Журавли́ Zjoeravlie Have the soldiers, who did not return from the battlefield, become white cranes? Silently we look at the sky ...
45 Ночь тиха над Палестиной Notsj tiecha nad Palestienoj The night is silent over Palestine, it is dark in Bethlehem, only the shepherds in the field do not sleep.
46 Не там Господь, где ветр волненья Nje tam Gospod, gdè wetr wolnenja Not there, Lord, where the fire is in doubt and love and jealousy are burning
47 Не для меня придет весна Nje dlja menja priedjot vesna Spring is not coming for me, the girl's heart full of pleasures is not beating for me.
48 Небо и Земля Njebo ie zemlja Heaven and earth are triumphing now. Angels and people exult in joy: Christ is born, God has revealed Himself
49 Вот Полк Пошëл Wot Polk Pasjol Here the regiment went along the steep bank, one boisterous Cossack bows his head, he missed the Don.
50 Амурские Волны Amoerskiej Wolnie