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Arkadi Gankin

Conductor Arkadi Gankin was born in Gomel (Belarus). He trained at the conservatory in Minsk, after which he practiced as a music teacher for many years. He came to the Netherlands as a music teacher and now teaches at the music school in Capelle aan den IJssel and teaches at the Poesjkinschool in Leiden.

He is also a much sought-after concert accordionist. With his Russian accordion, the bajan, he performs at the most diverse music events. Arkadi has been the conductor since the Alphens Cossack Choir was founded in April 2007.

It is a great advantage that he can apply the choir members to the correct Russian pronunciation because of his origin.

The Alphens Cossack Choir only knows amateurs, but because of his drive and enthusiasm he has managed to achieve a high level with this choir. It was therefore a celebration for the choir to be able to give a number of concerts in his native country in 2017 that have left a great impression on the many visitors and also on the choir members.