Alphens Kozakkenkoor
Alphen's Cossack Choir

Upcoming performances

Concert Openluchttheater Leiden
Sun 12 Sep 2021
Openluchttheater Leidsehout, ingang Poelgeesterweg t/o nr. 2 Leiden,
Optie Concert Abteikirche Marienmunster
Sat 25 Sep 2021
Abteikirche Marienmunster
Concert Russische Kirche Paderborn
Sun 26 Sep 2021
Russische Kirche Paderborn, Maximilian-Kolbe Strasse 2, 33175 Bad Lippspringe
Concert Bonifaciuskerk
Sun 17 Oct 2021
Bonifaciuskerk Alphen aan den Rijn
Optie Concert Kruiskerk Amstelveen
Sun 07 Nov 2021
Kruiskerk Amstelveen

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2e Lustrum 2007 - 2017


The Alphens Cossack Choir will compete on Sunday afternoon, February 18 at 2:30 PM toconquer the hearts of Berkel en Rodenrijs and the surrounding area with their Byzantine Orthodox, their cheerful, compelling, exciting and romantic Cossack music.
Thanks to a sponsor, the professional singer Viktoria Pankratova has also been invited for this. She was born in St. Petersburg and has also attended the conservatory there and now lives in the Netherlands and likes to be an extra soloist with the Alphens Kozak choir. She will perform a number of beautiful Russian ballads.
This will happen in the Our Lady of the Birth Church, which will be 150 years old this year. So certainly a reason for a musical party. The beautiful acoustics will certainly contribute to this.
See agenda for more information.


For men interested in Cossack music, it is certainly worthwhile to come and listen, because the Alphens Cossack Choir would like to attract some new voices. We have already been able to welcome a number of new members who quickly found the right tone and immediately felt at home within the cozy atmosphere. Of course our conductor Arkadi Gankin tries to get the most out of the choir and the members can download their part via the website to practice athome. Come to the rehearsal and choose a new hobby that will give you a lot of fun andsatisfaction.



The Alphens Cossacks Choir has a number of new members with the basses, baritones and second tenors. However, the first tenors are looking for new singers by their side. They sing the highest song, but would like to scream from the rooftops that they want some nice voices.
The new members who joined us also had some fear of threshold because they only sing in Russian and first thought they would not be able to master this. However, the lyrics are written phonetically to make them fast. And now after a few weeks and some extra study they are already singing their first parts along, and with reat enjoyment. Because, besides the serious approach during rehearsals, fun remains an important factor in the choir.

The members come from far and wide to follow the rehearsal every week (see the list of members for the choir). The mutual bond is getting stronger and the new members also
feel at home quickly. There is a cozy atmosphere and most of them are already present before the start of the rehearsal to catch up first.
The rehearsals will take place in the Maranathakerk at Jongkindt Coninckstraat 2 in Alphen aan den Rijn on Wednesday evenings from 7:45 PM to 10:15 PM. Joke de Vor, now a big fan of the choir, is a caretaker and pleasant hostess there.
In short, if you want to sing and enjoy a relaxing evening just like the other members of the choir, feel free to come and watch and listen without obligation. Please contact us in advance. Interested parties are given sufficient opportunity to decide whether this music appeals to them before they are registered. A nice extra for both parties to discover which party the voice best suits.
We are again busy rehearsing new songs and preparing for the 2018 concerts that look promising again.
Make your voice heard, you are most welcome at Bas, Wim, Hans, Cees, John and Edu, the first tenors of the Alphens Kozakkenkoor.


On Friday evening, November 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM, the Alphens Cossacks Choir will be a guest at the Music Association Art after Labor in the Dorpskerk in Moordrecht. The harmony and choir will perform some beautiful songs from their repertoire. But they also take up the challenge to perform a number of Russian songs together. A special experiment for both conductors, members of the choir and harmony.

The Alphens Cossacks Choir has had the pleasure of being able to give a performance twice in the Dorpskerk with its beautiful acoustics and looks forward to giving the audience a beautiful musical evening together with KNDA. This concert with very varied vocal and instrumental accents is unique in itself and perhaps advisable to buy your ticket in time. Admission is only 5 euros.

Let yourself be carried away with wonderful musical sounds on this autumn evening of 24 November. You are welcome!!


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The Alphens Cossacks Choir gave their anniversary concert on Sunday 8 October in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn. An almost full hall with 600 visitors enjoyed a varied
concert with the a capella sung Byzantine and Orthodox music to the romantic and cheerful
Cossack songs.
Accompanied by Ensemble Samovar with authentic instruments such as the domra, babalalaika and the bajan, the Alphen Cossacks made the most of their musical ability to captivate the audience. Conductor Arkadi Gankin was praised in several speeches that he managed to achieve this in 10 years. Mayor Spies was also surprised to have such a choir in Alphen aan den Rijn. She had experienced the choir invitation as a gift.

Chairman Hans van den Berg stated in his speech that he should have invited 18 mayors because the singers come from many different municipalities such as Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Utrecht, Zoetermeer, Leiderdorp, Wassenaar and of course a number of surrounding municipalities and Alphen aan den Rijn. All members are passionate about Russian music and enjoy it during the many concerts that the choir gives.The soloist of the anniversary concert, mezzo-soprano Viktoria Pankratova, from St. Petersburg, now also living in the Netherlands, managed to captivate the audience again in her own way.

Lady speaker Nathaliya Staravoit announced the songs in a charming way with a Belarusian accent and told a few things about the content of the songs.

Afterwards, the choir received a lot of nice and spontaneous reactions from the visitors and it was therefore very busy during the follow-up that was held in the foyer and café. The Castellum employees had to roll up their sleeves to provide the many visitors with a drink. For the audience and certainly for the choir members a nice moment to go through this concert together.
The Alphens Cossacks Choir was very satisfied with the almost full, large hall of the theater. The anniversary year ended so beautifully. The five Cossacks of the jubilee committee can look back with satisfaction on a year with many highlights, including the concert tour through Belarus. Sundays concert was the icing on the cake for them too. Board, members and now also the mayor agree on one motto: “Alphens Cossacks Choir, we can be proud of that”.


A special choir has been based in Alphen aan den Rijn for 10 years. The Alphens Cossack Choir knows how to captivate and move the audiences in theaters, churches and castles at home and abroad with beautiful Russian Orthodox music and cheerful, romantic Cossack songs.
Never attended a performance by this choir? Let yourself be surprised and come to the Castellum Theater in Alphen aan den Rijn on Sunday 8 October at 2 p.m.

In this jubilee year, the choir has already experienced many highlights, such as a performance for Russian TV as a tribute to the Alexandrov choir that died in an accident, a tour through Belarus with many special moments and encounters, two performances in the Russian Orthodox Church in The Hague and concerts in Oude Wetering, Ammerstol, Gouderak and Zoeterwoude.

The highlight of the year will be the upcoming anniversary concert, in Alphen aan den Rijn, of course, in the Castellum Theater. Conductor Arkadi Gankin, from Belarus, will once again direct the basses, baritones and tenors with great enthusiasm. It will be a festive concert with richly varied Russian-orthodox a capela songs and exciting Cossack songs on the program.


The Russian mezzo-soprano Viktoria Pankratova has been invited to this special concert. The Russian music ensemble Samovar provides the accompaniment. The songs are announced by lady speaker Nataliya Staravoit.

Via you can now choose the most beautiful places 24 hours a day and the E-ticket will be sent by email to your personal email address after payment. And during the concert you do not have to join, but you can go directly to the cloakroom or your place in the cozy Theater Castellum. Your entrance ticket includes a drink during the break.

You are all very welcome !!