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The Alphens Cossacks Choir successfully closed the 2019 concert year on 14 December together with the Mixed Choir Cantiamo from Austerlitz. A varied program with varying music styles. A well-filled Oosterkerk in Zeist with an audience that became more and more enthusiastic and finally went crazy when both choirs performed 3 different songs together. The conductors Arkadi Gankin of the Alphens Cossacks Choir and Arie Perk of Cantiamo conducted and accompanied the singers to a high level.
The Alphens Cossacks Choir with regular accompanist Sheila Moens on bajan looks back on another appreciated performance. The audience always remains the incentive for the choir members to go back to rehearsals enthusiastically and dedicate themselves to the new repertoire.

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On Sunday afternoon, February 2, 2020, the Alphens Cossacks Choir will give a concert at 14:30 in the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Hemelvaartkerk in Nieuwkoop. It is an honour to be able to open the 750th anniversary of the NIeuwkoop with a concert.
So you have no idea what kind of Christmas present should be under the tree. Tickets for € 15 can be purchased at all Tersteeg Bread and Pastry Shops in the region, at the Gemakswinkel in Langeraar and also at the church after the services and Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the rectory from 9:30 to 12:00. hour.
It is also very easy from your chair via via the button Online Tickets Order. The tickets will then be sent to your home address after receipt of payment.

Conductor Arkadi Gankin, Sheila Moens, board and all Alphen Cossacks wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020.
We hope to meet many of you again at one of our concerts in 2020.


Very varied concerts are on the program: from private concerts to performances with other respected choirs, such as on December 14 with the Mixed Choir Cantiamo from Austerlitz (see agenda) and on March 15 with the Volendam Vocal Ensemble. Guidance for Advent services is also on the program this year. And in Nieuwkoop we are going to give a pure Alphens Cossacks choir concert on 2 February 2020 with many new songs on the program.
We can look forward to the fact that the voice coverage of the tenors has been rebalanced by two tenors who have signed up. They were immediately enthusiastic after the first meeting and already feel completely at home. We can of course always use more tenors, although there is now more room for basses. The great wish of our conductor Arkadi Gankin remains to keep the voice groups well balanced. So drop in if you feel like you can play a nice bass voice. A voice group that gives a special dimension to the choir through their sonorous, low voices.
You certainly do not have to fear anything about the Russian that we sing because it is all represented phonetically and you can read it like that, as it were. And all the music is on the website, so you can practice the melody line at home. Also nice.
In short, singers in the wide area of ​​Alphen aan den Rijn come along at the rehearsal on Wednesday evening and taste the atmosphere of the choir and perhaps the music will also stir something up in you.
Take a look through this site and see where all members come from. And discover that distance is no objection for many Cossacks.
Let us know in advance when you will come and listen.
Hope to see you soon and perhaps to horns too!


Those are the tenors in the Alphens Cossack Choir. It is an enthusiastic group that could use a few extra voices. They still know how to manage themselves, but to keep all parties in balance, every vote is more than welcome. We know there is some reluctance to respond because everything is sung in Russian. But every time it appears again for those who have taken the step that this can be mastered very quickly. All texts are written phonetically and are therefore easy to read and pronounce and it really sounds Russian. Our conductor Arkadi Gankin is from Belarus and knows whether our statement is correct and knows how to apply the small nuances where necessary. On this site you can find a lot of information about the choir and it is also possible to schedule an appointment there. You can now also do this directly via
Come and join those cozy Cossacks in Alphen aan den Rijn. You will certainly not regret it!

For the real Cossacks, the distance was no problem to reach their goal. Not even for these Alphen Cossacks. They come from Hazerswoude-Rijndijk, Leiderdorp, Soest, Noorden, Oude Wetering, Wassenaar, Moordrecht, Aalsmeer, Woerden, Boskoop, Bergambacht, Leimuiden, Utrecht, Hardinxsveld-Giesendam, Ter Aar (Langeraar, Aardam), Nieuwkoop (De Meije) , Zoetermeer, Woubrugge, Boskoop and of course a number from Alphen aan den Rijn. So perhaps there is someone you can find pool with if the distance is a bit further away.

Alphens Cossacks Choir looks back with FULL satisfaction at their participation in the VOLkorenfestival in Middelburg. At 2:00 pm in the Mennonite Church and 4:00 pm in the Koorkerk. We were again pleasantly surprised that the public attended these concerts in large numbers. Both churches had to close their doors early because the churches were FULLY filled with a very enthusiastic audience. Which unfortunately meant that we had to disappoint many lovers of the beautiful Byzantine / Orthodox music and the romantic, exuberant and exciting Cossack songs. So after the last performance the choir of the organization was immediately asked if we wanted to come again next year to give the people who now came in front of a closed door. But yes, the Alphens Cossacks Choir has more concerts throughout the year. A concert in Germany is planned for next year. It is of course always possible to make an appointment for a concert through this site. We would then be happy to discuss the options.
Because we can then work with you to put together a very varied program tailored to the budget that you have available.

We thank the friendly photographer Anton Koens who was present at the concert in the Koorkerk for the beautiful collage he sent us.

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 Middelburg VOLkoren 2019 6