Alphens Kozakkenkoor
Alphen's Cossack Choir

On Saturday evening October 29 at 8 p.m., Russian choral sounds and the more classical
tones of Chr. Immanuel male choir fill the monumental space of the Roman Catholic church
John the Baptist in Mijdrecht.
The Alphens Cossack Choir with conductor Arkadi Gankin sings a number of Russian
Orthodox songs before the break, Immanuel sings some spiritual songs. This choir is conducted by Jan Verhoef with Theo Griekspoor on the wing. Local singer, the soprano Pia Schütz, will make a solo contribution.
After the break, when you can enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the beautiful church, the
more secular repertoire is brought to the fore by both choirs. For the singers from Alphen aan
den Rijn, this means a series of uplifting and romantic Cossack songs with the guidance of
bay player Gankin.
The friends of the Roman Catholic Church John the Baptist sponsor the concert and provide a
completely new lighting. The entrance fee is € 13. The church is located at Driehuisplein 3 in
Tickets are available from members of the choirs and from Mondria Bookshop in Mijdrecht
and De Bree Drugstore in Vinkeveen and at the church.
You can order your tickets for this concert on this site under the button “Contact”.


The Cossacks for the Coptic Monastery. In the center conductor Gankin and Bishop Damian.


The Alphens Cossack Choir held a study weekend in Erwitzen near Paderborn from September 29 to October 2.
There was also a special performance in the Coptic monastery in Brenkhausen. Here is the
head of the Coptic Church in Germany, Bishop Damian.
The singers attended a workshop in singing and breathing technique from the German
baritone Georg Tauern.

The Alphens Cossack Choir gave a concert on November 28, 2015 in the Dorpskerk in
Moordrecht. Again, it contained a program full of Russian Orthodox, romantic and cheerful
Cossack songs. As a special guest, the singer Ekaterina Levental performed from Uzbekistan.
She sang four beautiful Russian songs. She accompanied herself on the harp and she was also
accompanied by violinist Anna Samoilova and conductor Arkadi Gankin on bajan.


Cossacks in small occupation in front of Hooge Vuursche Castle.

The Alphens Cossack choir in small occupation Friday, August 26, 2016 graced a wedding
ceremony in Castle Hooge Vuursche in Baarn.
It was a marriage with a Russian touch. This time the Cossacks performed in moody black, white and a bow. This at the request of the master of ceremonies of the marriage.

Het Klooster Brenkhausen

The Brenkhausen Monastery

Georg Thauern

The Alphens Cossack Choir will perform a concert on Saturday 1 October 2016 in the Coptic
Orthodox monastery in Brenkhausen in Germany. This performance is part of a study
weekend of the Cossacks in Erwitzen-Nieheim.
The choir members, under the direction of conductor Arkadi Gankin, will work hard from September 29 to October 2 to work on further refinement of the singing technique, soloists,
performance, etc. The choir will withdraw for a few days in a Landgasthaus in Erwitzen- Nieheim. On Friday, September 30, baritone Georg Thauern (pictured right), known in Germany, will be giving a workshop for the choir.

In this way, we are working hard on a new series of concerts in Mijdrecht-Wilnis, Langeraar and in 2017 for the anniversary concert. The choir celebrated its tenth anniversary in April 2017.