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Concert Berkel en Rodenrijs
Sat 12 Mar 2022
OLV Geboortekerk, Berkel en Rodenrijs
Voorjaarsconcert De Schutse Uithoorn
Sat 26 Mar 2022
De Merodelaan 1, 1422 GB Uithoorn
St. Bonifaiuskerk Zaandamm
Sun 01 May 2022
Oostzijde 14, 1502 BG Zaandam

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2e Lustrum 2007 - 2017


After a forced rest period due to.m. Corona is allowed to show the Alphens Cossack Choir their skills to the public again. This will happen on Sunday afternoon 12 September at 15.00 in the Open Air Theatre Leidse Hout in Leiden.

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The performance of the Alphens Cossack Choir is on the final day of the festivities around the 90th anniversary of the Leiden city park "Leidse Hout".

After more than half a year of practice via "Zoom", the Alphens Cossack Choir has been rehearsing at full strength in the familiar Maranatha church since the beginning of July. This year no summer holiday for the choir because on September 12th they have to be there again. In the cozy open-air theatre Leidse Hout, the men of conductor Arkadi Gankin will once again perform the beautiful Russian Orthodox and cheerful Cossack songs.

The final chord of the activities around the 90th anniversary of the Leidse Hout is provided by the Collegium Musicum with an evening full of waltzes by Johann Strauss.

The Alphens Cossacks Choir has now stopped rehearsals in small groups to obey the stricter rules regarding corona control. But they still have a special prize to win during this period. They took part in an international internet competition in Gomel (Belarus). Below the jury report and the accompanying certificate.

Dear Arkadi and participants of the Alphens Cossacks Choir!

We thank you for participating in the 1-st International internet festival.
We are very happy that Alphens Cossacks Choir is once again making a major contribution to international cooperation between Belarus and the Netherlands, to friendship with various (singing) clubs in the city of Gomel, where Lidya Elovaya is the leader. In connection with the situation surrounding the coronavirus, an International internet festival took place for the first time this year in Gomel and in the Republic of Belarus under the motto “Our age is not in our way!” This festival received a lot of interest from both the participants from our country and from abroad. More than 30 companies from the Netherlands, Russia and the Republic of Belarus participated in the festival.
The performance of Alphens Cossacks Choir has made a great impression on all jury members. In particular, they appreciated the high level of the repertoire, the beautiful costumes, as well as the professionalism of the conductor and leader Arkadi Gankin.
The jury led by Anatoly Yarmolenko has decided to award the Alphens Cossacks Choir with the first degree diploma in the nomination “Vocal art”.
Congratulations! We wish Alphens Cossacks Choir great performances in the future and hope for the new encounters!

Yours sincerely,

The festival committee

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Translation of Oorkonde

First International festival "our age doesn't get in the way!" The first degree Diploma is awarded to Alphens Kozak Choir, the Netherlands, conducted by A. Gankin in the nomination “Vocal Art”.

Signed by the jury chairman Anatoly Yarmolenko


It is now a few months ago, namely Wednesday 8 March 2020, that the Alphens Cossack Choir have rehearsed together. Now the music is discussed at home, but that requires a lot of discipline because there is still no insight when they can start again and the first concerts can be performed. But there are again small points of light on the horizon. Now it is difficult to arrange the choir safely at 1.5 meters. Because of the ages, the choir has trained voices, but according to the RIVM, age has some disadvantages at this time. And so we want to stay alert to be able to sing together for much longer.
But do not hesitate to contact us if you want to book this choir at the end of the year or next year. Of course everything subject to the then prevailing circumstances.
The Netherlands is ready for a surprising and musical outing. The members of the Alphens Cossack Choir are happy to make their voices heard again and hopefully they can rehearse in an appropriate manner in the foreseeable future. Do you have a spacious stage for an enthusiastic Cossack choir, who in addition to an orthodox repertoire also have many beautiful, authentic, uplifting and romantic Cossack music in their repertoire?
Please contact
We are happy to provide you with further information.



The Alphens Cossacks Choir has decided, in connection with the corona virus and the possible consequences, to exclude all risks by postponing the joint concert on Sunday 15 March with the Volendam Vocal Ensemble until the spring of 2021. As soon as the new concert agenda is available. completed, we will inform you in a timely manner via this site and various social media.

Audience members who have already purchased an entrance ticket can hand it in at the presale addresses and receive their money back. Those who have purchased their card via the website will automatically receive their money back via their bank account.


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