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The Alphense Cossacks have by means of a performance congratulations to the Russian community in Leiden on their new home for their Russian school. Sunday 17 October it was exactly 17 years ago that the Pushkin School was founded in Leiden. In those 17 years, the school has grown into a thriving meeting place for Russians from far and wide. Among other things, lessons are given in the mother tongue, but also Russian culture and customs are transferred to the youth from 5 to 12 years. Since September this year, the school has been housed in the beautiful Bonaventura College on the Burggravenlaan in Leiden. This celebration was organized on this occasion. The party started with a film in which 5-year-olds show in a candid way how they experience school life. Heartwarming was the performance, accompanied by Arkadi on the bayan, of the youngest students with their interpretation in Russian of “The Little Prince”, the world-famous book from 1943 by the French writer Saint-Exupéry. Then the youngest students sang the famous “Katyusha” together with singing teacher Irina Pozdniakova. The young students with their parents spontaneously sang along with “Konj”, a Cossack song, which the Alphens Cossack choir conducted by Arkadi Gankin performed. In addition to being the conductor of the Alphens Cossack Choir, Arkadi is also a music teacher at the Pushkin School. (translated by Google)


On Sunday afternoon, October 17, the Alphens Cossack Choir will give a beautiful concert at 3 p.m. in the beautiful St. Bonifacius Church in Alphen aan den Rijn.

In the St. Boniface Church, in addition to the Cossack songs, the beautiful religious, Russian Orthodox songs are again on the program. Songs in which the beautiful high tenors will sound and the sonorous basses and baritones will vibrate the church hall.Flyera 2                                We wish you a nice concert on this Sunday afternoon.



On Sunday afternoon, September 12, the Alphens Kozakkoor started again to continue the concert series after a forced Corona break. In the open-air theater Leidse Hout in Oegstgeest, the Alphense Cossacks shone in a beautiful autumn sun.

After a year and a half of Cossack silence, conductor Arkadi Gankin's men were allowed to show their skills again. All this with the cooperation of violinist Anna Samoilova and bayanist Sheila Moens. Even Arkadi enjoyed himself on the bayan now that only moving, romantic and tough Cossack songs were sung.

IMG 1787

The Leidse Hout open-air theater more than met the ideal place to enjoy singing and music with the maximum number of 100 audience on this day. Unfortunately, the organization had to refuse many people access due to the Corona rules. Everyone was satisfied with the atmosphere that the volunteers of the Friends of the Leidse Hout managed to create. Lady speaker Liliane van Gilst managed to entertain the audience and Cossacks with her enthusiasm. In short: an excellent afternoon to look forward to the upcoming concerts with confidence.


IMG 1792


After a forced rest period due to.m. Corona is allowed to show the Alphens Cossack Choir their skills to the public again. This will happen on Sunday afternoon 12 September at 15.00 in the Open Air Theatre Leidse Hout in Leiden.

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The performance of the Alphens Cossack Choir is on the final day of the festivities around the 90th anniversary of the Leiden city park "Leidse Hout".

After more than half a year of practice via "Zoom", the Alphens Cossack Choir has been rehearsing at full strength in the familiar Maranatha church since the beginning of July. This year no summer holiday for the choir because on September 12th they have to be there again. In the cozy open-air theatre Leidse Hout, the men of conductor Arkadi Gankin will once again perform the beautiful Russian Orthodox and cheerful Cossack songs.

The final chord of the activities around the 90th anniversary of the Leidse Hout is provided by the Collegium Musicum with an evening full of waltzes by Johann Strauss.

The Alphens Cossacks Choir has now stopped rehearsals in small groups to obey the stricter rules regarding corona control. But they still have a special prize to win during this period. They took part in an international internet competition in Gomel (Belarus). Below the jury report and the accompanying certificate.

Dear Arkadi and participants of the Alphens Cossacks Choir!

We thank you for participating in the 1-st International internet festival.
We are very happy that Alphens Cossacks Choir is once again making a major contribution to international cooperation between Belarus and the Netherlands, to friendship with various (singing) clubs in the city of Gomel, where Lidya Elovaya is the leader. In connection with the situation surrounding the coronavirus, an International internet festival took place for the first time this year in Gomel and in the Republic of Belarus under the motto “Our age is not in our way!” This festival received a lot of interest from both the participants from our country and from abroad. More than 30 companies from the Netherlands, Russia and the Republic of Belarus participated in the festival.
The performance of Alphens Cossacks Choir has made a great impression on all jury members. In particular, they appreciated the high level of the repertoire, the beautiful costumes, as well as the professionalism of the conductor and leader Arkadi Gankin.
The jury led by Anatoly Yarmolenko has decided to award the Alphens Cossacks Choir with the first degree diploma in the nomination “Vocal art”.
Congratulations! We wish Alphens Cossacks Choir great performances in the future and hope for the new encounters!

Yours sincerely,

The festival committee

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Translation of Oorkonde

First International festival "our age doesn't get in the way!" The first degree Diploma is awarded to Alphens Kozak Choir, the Netherlands, conducted by A. Gankin in the nomination “Vocal Art”.

Signed by the jury chairman Anatoly Yarmolenko